Executive Master of Engineering Management (EMEM) - St. Paul

International tour


The Executive Master of Engineering Management program offers a summer Industry tour to study Engineering Management styles in Asia. For 10 years we offered only the China tour (Shanghai Suzhou). In 2019 we added a Japan (Tokyo) Industry tour for a one-week industry tour including the Tokyo Stock exchange and culturally-significant sites. The Japan tour has become popular with students and from 2021 we propose to offer only the Japan tour. 

The tour typically encompasses visits to 6-8 companies. Spouses are welcome to travel with students for an extra fee. The tour also includes a day of cultural site visits. Often small business and industry leaders from throughout Minnesota join the tour and travel with students through the Minnesota Department of Trade.

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St. Cloud State University’s Engineering Management Programs are certified by the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM). ASEM is the lead society for Engineering Management Program certification worldwide.

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