Cultural Resources Management Archaeology (M.S.)



Internship map
CRM Student Internship Locations

The required internship consists of at least 240 contact hours and is designed to provide you with a valuable learning experience in a real work environment that cannot be duplicated in the classroom.

Ideally, the internship will supplement your prior experience in a way that will be most beneficial to achieving your personal career goals. The diverse nature of CRM requires that a wide range of internship options is available to students. These options may include working in museums and research labs, working on field crews, working with private CRM or environmental engineering firms, working with state, federal, or tribal agencies or other creative options.

The most important goal of the internship is that you become a better cultural resources manager by developing skills you did not previously possess, and that your internship host also benefits from your efforts and overall contribution. 

Examples of the wide range of internship sites that our students have been fortunate to work at include:

Federal Land Management Agencies

Tribal Historic Preservation Offices & Bureau of Indian Affairs

State Agencies & Historical Societies

Private Contracting Firm

Museums & Non-Profit Institutions


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