Cultural Resources Management Archaeology (M.S.)

Distance Learning


The distance learning component of our graduate program is targeted to CRM professionals living outside Minnesota and working in locations without access to a career-appropriate university program. 

Examples include federal and tribal employees who are unable to leave their locations and state or contract archaeologists living outside of Minnesota. 

Enrolling as a distance learning student opens up an opportunity to obtain the graduate degree they otherwise would not have the chance to pursue. However, being a distance student comes with challenges that a traditional on-campus student does not face:

  • Class scheduling
  • Technological requirements
  • The need for a support network
  • Access to research material
  • A review process that can be used for a final culminating project like a research thesis 

Distance students may enroll either full time or part time. Financial aid requires specific minimum credits for enrollment. Contact the Financial Aid office for updated information.

Scheduling requirements

Technological requirements

Support network and research capability requirement

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