Employment Procedures


Supervisors are asked to work with Human Resources during this process to ensure contract and civil service hiring policies and procedures are followed.

Hiring procedures

Request to create/fill new position

  1. Complete Request To Hire Approval Form (leave “position number” blank).
  2. Create a position description for new position; consult with HR for classification advice.
  3. For ITS 3 and higher classes, the Option Code must be provided to HR.
  4. Human Resources mails the audit packet to Minnesota State requesting position be classified.

Request to fill a current vacancy

  1. Complete Request To Hire Approval Form.
  2. Ensure position description is current and accurate - if any changes are made, consult with HR.

Internal posting for "Written Memo of Intent"

  1. Position is posted for 10 days for current employees in equal class to submit a Written Memo of Intent.
  2. Human Resources accept memos and provide names to supervisor.
  3. All seniority unit eligible nurses that submit a memo shall be considered. Supervisors must have a legitimate business reason to reject all nurses showing interest.

Selection via Memo of Intent applicants

  1. Interview eligible nurses that have expressed written interest.
  2. Interview committee composition is at the discretion of the supervisor and all committee members must sign the Confidentiality Agreement prior to reviewing any resumes.
  3. Tools available for selection are resumes, interviews, performance reviews, references.
  4. Selection or rejection of nurses who have shown interest must be completed and notified in writing in a timely manner.

Vacancy Builder/MMB (Minnesota Management & Budget) if not filled through Memo of Intent process

  1. If there are no interested current nurses or they are not selected, Human Resources completes "Vacancy Builder" and posts vacancy to MMB web site.
  2. Upon completion of MMB posting, Human Resources provides supervisor with list of resumes for review.

Screening/Interview committee makeup

  1. Supervisors screen resumes to ensure candidates meet the minimum qualifications; HR will offer assistance if needed.
  2. Interview committee composition is at the discretion of the supervisor, and all interview committee members must sign the Confidentiality Agreement prior to viewing resumes. Minnesota State requires the following two training courses for search committee members:

    Search Advisory Committee Training for Minnesota State (part 1 of 2). Roles and responsibilities for creating a fair and effective search process (20 min.)

    Unconscious Bias in the Search Process (part 2 of 2). Strategies to minimize the impact of unconscious bias as part of the search process (30 min.)    

    Current employees will find these training videos in their Employee Self-Service, within ELM. There is also a web link for committee members who aren’t employees.

  3. A Search Advisory Committee Handbook is also available linked in the courses and available on
    the Minnesota State Search Advisory Committee Handbook (PDF).


Application review / Interviews / Selection

  1. Applicants’ resumes will be reviewed by supervisor and/or interview committee.
  2. A practical number of eligible applicants will be selected for interviews (consult with HR).
  3. HR will provide direction on Affirmative Action – supervisors are responsible to factor diversity into hiring decisions.
  4. Interview questions and selection format will be approved by HR.
  5. Other selection tools that may be used are references, performance reviews. Contact for a reference with the current or most recent supervisor of a finalist applicant is expected..
  6. Selection will be made to hire the most qualified candidate.
  7. If an applicant is not a US citizen or U.S. permanent resident, include Human Resources in the interview schedule (15 minutes). Call 308-3203 to arrange. See Foreign National section for more detailed information.
  8. All selection related documents/documentation including interview notes, reference notes, and the resume list will be sent to HR for filing. Supervisor will mark each resume on the MMB list with Not Qualified, Interviewed, or Others More Qualified prior to returning it to HR.

Salary calculation/Offer

  1. Department will consult with HR regarding salary. Salary may depend on years of experience, market forces, education, etc. HR must approve salary prior to offer. Consult with HR regarding start date and other new employee requirements that may apply.

Hire/Payroll deadlines

  1. Selection of candidate must be made within 180 days of the MMB posting date or vacancy will have to be reposted to the MMB website.
  2. Candidate will be scheduled by the supervisor to meet with HR on the first day of employment to complete new hire paperwork, orientation, benefits overview.