Dean of Students

Dean of Students Office

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help all Huskies be successful at St. Cloud State University. We do that by enhancing and recognizing student learning, growth, and personal responsibility through:

  • Encouraging the positive growth and development of Huskies
  • Helping in the resolution of student issues and concerns
  • Connecting Huskies to information and services to help them succeed
  • Actively support students in accessing resources to help them meet their basic needs
  • Fostering a safe campus community through values-centered accountability
  • Serving as a resource and support for Husky families and friends

The Dean of Students team serves as a resource for students, families, faculty and staff when navigating the complexities of the university experience through student support and advocacy, family engagement and collaborations.

The Dean of Students provides leadership to various campus life departments including Residence Life, Campus Involvement, Atwood Memorial Center and the Office of Community Standards. The Dean also works with other members of the Division of Student Affairs and the broader university community to support students in crisis, promote a culture of advocacy and restorative justice, encourage students to engage in responsible citizenship and take responsibility for their actions, and engage in community partnership to enhance resources and support for SCSU Huskies.


How can we help?

We’re here to help students in navigating difficult situations and connecting with available resources.  Come see us on the first floor of Atwood Memorial Center or send us a message at to seek support.

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