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The Assistive Technology Lab is here to educate the campus community and society on how assistive technology can be used to reduce barriers faced by people with disabilities and to provide opportunities and tools that enable people to fully participate where they live, work, and play.

In our lab we house multiple devices and various technologies that reduce barriers when navigating the world. We offer trainings on all devices, so that visitors of the AT lab feel comfortable using them and understand their capabilities. We are developing a loan program for devices to be checked out from our lab so that one can test if the device meets their needs.

Our lab has many different technologies to provide access in areas such as school, home, and the community. A few areas are: Apps that assist with reading, Apps that assist with math, electronic label readers, note taking recorders, and communication devices.

The lab is here to serve St. Cloud State students and faculty along with members of the community — including Central Minnesota professionals, children and parents. 

Barriers to using Assistive Technology

  • Many people are unaware of the technologies available to assist people with barriers in being successful in education, employment, and daily life. ​​
  • The advancement of A.I. and technology has opened doors and eliminated barriers that previously existed. ​​
  • Misconceptions and lack of knowledge about resources and technologies available perpetuates the limitations and restrictions placed upon the most marginalized group in society, people with disabilities. ​​
  • This is an area of diversity and inclusion that has not been focused on in the Minnesota State system. By creating an assistive technology lab, we will bring to light disability as an aspect of diversity. ​

Benefits of visiting the Assistive Technology Lab

  • Faculty benefit from learning about the most advanced assistive technology available for students in teaching and learning.​​
  • Staff will benefit from being more educated on student services provided.​​
  • This lab will serve as a tool in the community for resources and referrals.​​
  • In service and open lab sessions will be made available to international students.​​
  • Visiting scholars and international delegations will have opportunities for demonstration sessions to learn and bring back to their respective countries.​​
  • Minnesota State System Universities and Colleges benefit by having access to the physical and virtual assistive technology lab for their students and employee training needs.​​


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