Huskies Look Out for Their Pack

Student safety is Priority #1 at St. Cloud State University.

We teach students, faculty and staff on campus to look out for themselves and for one another.

Knowledge can help you avoid the problems created by mixing drugs and alcohol. Assessment of your use will help you see possible issues.

And, learning responsible drinking behaviors can be key to successfully completing your education at St. Cloud State University.

Alcohol poisoning

If you see someone experiencing these symptoms, CALL 911.

  • Confusion
  • Unconscious or passed out
  • Repeated vomiting
  • Slow, shallow or irregular breathing
  • Pale or bluish skin
  • Seizures


  • Call 911.
  • Stay with the person until help arrives.
  • Turn them to their side to prevent them from chocking on vomit.


  • Leave them alone.
  • Let them "sleep it off."
  • Give them food, water or medication (they could choke).
  • Assume they will be OK because they regularly drink.

UCHOOSE strategies to lower your risk

UCHOOSE to set limits before a drinking occasion.
Set limits ahead of time to get the experience you want.

UCHOOSE to keep track of how much you drink.
Understand what a standard drink is to know how much alcohol you are consuming.

UCHOOSE to space out your drinks.
Spacing drinks over longer periods of time allows for more control over your experience and your blood alcohol content.

UCHOOSE to alternate alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks.
Drink water to rehydrate yourself.

UCHOOSE to avoid drinking games.

UCHOOSE what’s in your cup.
Don’t leave your drink unattended or accept drinks from others you don’t trust.

If UCHOOSE to drink, drink slowly and in a safe environment.

UCHOOSE to NOT mix alcohol with other drugs.

UCHOOSE to call 911 if you see someone that needs help

Good Samaritan exception

A “Good Samaritan” exception for violations of the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy will be recognized and honored.

A student, who may be in violation of the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy, but comes to the aid of another student by seeking professional help, will not be cited for an alcohol and other drug policy violation through the University student conduct process.

This exception is subject to the discretion of the vice president for student life and development or his or her designee.

This exception will not be granted to those who flagrantly or repeatedly violate the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy. It does not suggest that laws or policies should be violated to help individuals.

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