About UChoose

UChoose logoUChoose is St. Cloud State University's education-based prevention effort that focuses on alcohol and drug-related issues and the reduction of high-risk alcohol use.

We start from the understanding that students want to achieve success academically, personally and professionally.

Then we work to empower students to make informed choices and understand the consequences of high-risk drinking and drug use.

Data collected since 2005 shows a 58% drop in the number of students who engaged in high-risk drinking by 2020.

Our programs are engaging, fun and interactive while they are educational and informative.

We use multiple strategies and collaborate with many departments at the university and in the community:

  • Education. We have a 13-year history of engaging and fun programs that make a point.
  • Restrictions on alcohol and alcohol advertisement on campus.
  • A changed normative environment. We've changed the perception of the school as a party school through education and collaboration with the community.
  • Promotion of alcohol-free social options. We focus on healthier lifestyles.
  • Development of on- and off-campus alcohol policies.
  • Increased consistency of enforcement. Our partnership with the city through the IMPACT Diversion Program improves school and community safety.
  • Early intervention and work with the city to adopt social host, appropriate licensing and intoxication ordinances has reduced emergency admissions at hospitals and detox centers.
  • Appropriate referrals.

We value these key components of effective prevention:

  • Assessment and evaluation.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Media advocacy.
  • Publicity of efforts.
  • Senior administrative support.
  • Student involvement.
  • Relationships built with stakeholders.