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Our New Baby Café

St. Cloud State University mothers will soon have access to a comfortable, private space designed specifically for breastfeeding or expressing milk. Scheduled to open in March 2004, the lactation room, dubbed Baby Café, will contain a rocking chair, changing table, hospital-grade electric breast pump for women who don't own a pump or prefer not to bring their from home, and a refrigerator for temporary storage of breast milk.

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The Women's Center offers a variety of educational programming including presentations, panels, forums and workshops that examine a variety of issues related to gender, sexism and feminism. Most of our programming is of interest to a diverse constituency including students, staff, faculty and community members, and to both women and men.

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Victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, harassment based on sexual orientation, and relationship violence (dating or domestic) are encouraged to report these crimes and obtain assistance from the Women's Center. The staff can help people learn about legal rights, how to file complaints, and campus and community services designed to help victims of violence and harassment.

Women's Center: Gender Violence Prevention Program

The Women's Center: Gender Violence Prevention Program exists in response to the pervasive problem of sexual assault on college campuses, and in the larger society. A combination of education, meaningful policies, and victim-centered services is the framework for the program at SCSU.

The Women's Center is the designated department at St. Cloud State University to collect reports of sexual assault, and students, staff and faculty are urged to report such incidents. Third party reports are accepted and anonymity is preserved. We work closely with the Public Safety Department and St. Cloud Police Department in order to serve the needs of victims. For information, or to report a sexual assault, contact the Women's Center's Sexual Violence Prevention Program at (320) 308-3995 or 308-4958.

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Resource Library

The Women's Center houses a small, specialized resource library that holds books and other materials by and about women that address a variety of topics of interest to women: domestic/dating violence, multi-racial and multicultural issues, sexual assault, homophobia, eating disorders, women and work, and financial management.

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The Women's Center implements six scholarships for non-traditional women students at SCSU that provide more than $13,000 annually for SCSU women students. Application packets are available from the Women's Center on February 1 of each year and are due on April 1. For more information about the specific scholarships administered by the Women's Center.

Student Activism

The Women's Equality Group (WEG), Campus Advocates Against Sexual Assault (CAASA), Today's Women and Students for Choice have their offices at the Women's Center, but many of their meetings and activities are in Atwood Memorial Center.

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