Institutional Review Board

St. Cloud State University requires all research activities involving human subjects—whether or not they are supported by Federal funds—to comply with the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (45 CFR 46). According to this policy, research activities that 1) intervene in people’s lives, observe human behavior, or 2) use data obtained directly or indirectly from living individuals must be reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board to ensure:

  • risks to subjects will be minimized and reasonable in relation to anticipated benefits,
  • informed consent will be obtained from subjects and appropriately documented, and
  • the privacy and safety of subjects will be maintained.

Student Research Projects

Most student projects or assignments do not require review by SCSU's Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB).

Faculty Sponsors are responsible for both:

  • evaluating students' proposed projects to determine whether the projects fall under the definition of "research" and meet the criteria for IRB review (see below)
  • providing supervision and guidance to students during the execution of all projects involving human subjects--regardless of whether the projects require IRB review.

When faculty sponsors are uncertain about whether their students' projects constitute research and require IRB review, they should review the Faculty Sponsor Brochure and contact the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). If OSP believes that a particular project is subject to IRB review, the student researcher must submit an application to SCSU's IRB and receive written approval before recruiting human subjects.


STUDENTS: Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions to determine if you project requires IRB Review.


Graduate Projects

As part of the thesis/dissertation process, Graduate Studies requires IRB when research involving human subjects is conducted.


**Please submit your ORIGINAL protocol and materials to Miller Center Room 204K; and remember to keep a copy of your completed protocol for future reference.**