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Date Time Event Name
10/21/20167:30AMMiller Center Student Art Show
10/21/20169:00AMMusic Major for a Day at SCSU!
10/21/20167:30PMThe Norwegians by C. Denby Swanson
10/22/201610:00AMMiller Center Student Art Show
10/22/20167:30PMThe Norwegians by C. Denby Swanson
10/23/201611:00AMMiller Center Student Art Show
10/23/20162:00PMThe Norwegians by C. Denby Swanson
10/24/20167:30AMMiller Center Student Art Show
10/24/20167:00PMInternational Film Series: Bird People
10/24/20167:30PMIt Can't Happen Here by Tony Taccone and Bennett S. Cohen
10/24/20167:30PM"It Can't Happen Here" National Night of Readings
10/25/20167:30AMMiller Center Student Art Show
10/26/20167:30AMMiller Center Student Art Show
10/27/20167:30AMMiller Center Student Art Show
10/27/20166:30PM"Halloween Spooktacular" Band Concert
10/27/20167:30PMTheatre Forever Presents "The Venetian Twins"
10/28/20167:30AMMiller Center Student Art Show
10/31/20167:00PMInternational Film Series: The Cow
11/1/20167:00PMImprovisational Drum Set Duo
11/1/20167:30PMChoral Connections Concert
11/4/20167:30PMWaayaha Cusub
11/5/20166:00PMStudent Film Festival
11/5/20167:30PMFall Chamber Collage Concert
11/7/20167:00PMInternational Film Series: Two-Legged Horse
11/16/20168:00PMJoe Williams, Composition Recital
11/18/20166:00PMSteven Yang, Composition Recital
11/18/20168:00PMSam Schlossin, Composition Recital
11/20/20162:00PM"Music at St. Mary's" Choir Concert
11/29/20167:00PM"Sounds of the Stadium" Concert
11/29/20167:30PMDead Accounts by Theresa Rebeck
11/30/20167:30PMDead Accounts by Theresa Rebeck
11/30/20167:30PMDead Accounts by Theresa Rebeck
12/1/20167:00PMWinter Winds at Whitney
12/1/20167:30PMDead Accounts by Theresa Rebeck
12/2/20166:00PMChamber Orchestra Concert
12/2/20167:30PMDead Accounts by Theresa Rebeck
12/3/20168:00AMSCSU Brass Day
12/3/20163:00PMGuest Artist: Patti Cudd, Percussion & Electronics
12/3/20167:30PMDead Accounts by Theresa Rebeck
12/4/20162:00PMDead Accounts by Theresa Rebeck
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