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Date Time Event Name
1/22/20139:30AMeFolioMN Portfolio Workshop, Part 1
1/22/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Design Week
1/23/201310:00AMd2l one-on-one
1/23/20132:00PMOutlook 2010/2011: Working with Calendar
1/24/201310:00AMd2l one-on-one
1/24/20136:00PMBudgeting/Money Management
1/25/201310:00AMd2l one-on-one
1/25/201310:00AMeFolioMN--Page 2 of 2
1/28/201310:00AMPhotography Workshop, Part 1 of 2
1/28/201310:00AMWindows 8 Training
1/28/201310:00AMd2l one-on-one
1/28/201311:00AMAdobe Acrobat Pro: Building Online Forms 1
1/29/20131:00PMCOLOR: The Magic of Color in Visuals
1/29/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Design Week
1/29/20133:00PMInstructional Design: Making the Most of Visuals
1/30/201310:00AMPhotography, Part 2 of 2
1/30/201310:00AMd2l one-on-one
1/30/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Design Week
1/30/20131:00PMMicrosoft IT Academy
1/30/20132:00PMOutlook 2010/2011: Collaborating with Others
1/30/20133:00PMWinter Institute
1/31/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Design Week
1/31/20132:30PMWinter Institute
2/1/201310:00AMd2l one-on-one
2/4/201310:00AMDreamweaver 1 of 4
2/4/201311:00AMPhotoshop, Part 1 of 4
2/5/20139:30AMWindows 8
2/5/201310:00AMd2l one-on-one
2/5/20132:00PMD2L Rubrics
2/6/201311:00AMWord Clouds
2/6/20131:00PMGet it Together: Time Management and Study Tips
2/6/20132:00PMOutlook 2010/2011
2/7/201310:00AMd2l one-on-one
2/8/201310:00AMD2L Respondus
2/11/201310:00AMDreamweaver 2 of 4
2/11/201311:00AMPhotoshop, Part 2 of 4
2/11/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Digital Initiatives
2/12/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Digital Initiatives
2/13/20131:00AMOutlook 2010/2011: Advanced Topics
2/13/201311:00AMMicrosoft IT Acadamy
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