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11/2/20134:00PMVOLLEYBALL vs. University of Sioux Falls (SD)
11/3/20131:00PMSOCCER vs. Bemidji State
11/8/20133:07PMWOMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Minnesota
11/8/20137:00PMWRESTLING Black/Red Classic
11/8/20137:37PMMen's Husky Hockey vs. Miami University
11/9/20131:00PMFOOTBALL vs. Minot State
11/9/20133:07PMWOMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Minnesota
11/9/20135:30PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Northwestern College (MN)
11/9/20137:07PMMen's Husky Hockey vs. Miami University
11/15/20137:00PMVOLLEYBALL vs. Concordia-St. Paul
11/16/20131:00PMFOOTBALL vs. MSU Moorhead
11/16/20137:30PMVOLLEYBALL vs. Minnesota State
11/17/20132:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Valley City State
11/22/20137:37PMMen's Husky Hockey vs. Colorado College
11/23/20132:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Wiscon-Stout
11/23/20137:07PMMen's Husky Hockey vs. Colorado College
11/26/20137:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Dkaota State (S.D.)
11/29/20133:07PMWOMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
11/30/20133:07PMWOMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
11/30/20134:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Minnesota Duluth
11/30/20134:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Minnesota Duluth
12/5/20137:00PMWRESTLING vs. St. John's University
12/6/20137:07PMWOMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Minnesota State
12/7/20133:07PMWOMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Minnesota State
12/13/20133:07PMWOMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Minnesota Duluth
12/13/20136:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Minot State
12/13/20137:37PMMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Union College
12/13/20138:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Minot State
12/14/20133:07PMWOMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Minnesota Duluth
12/14/20134:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. U-Mary
12/14/20136:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. U-Mary
12/14/20137:07PMMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Union College
1/1/20147:37PMMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Western Michigan
1/3/20147:07PMWOMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Wisconsin
1/4/20143:07PMWOMEN'S HOCKEY vs. Wisconsin
1/10/20146:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Southwest Minnesota State
1/10/20148:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Southwest Minnesota State
1/11/20144:00PMWOMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Sioux Falls (S.D.)
1/11/20146:00PMMEN'S BASKETBALL vs. Sioux Falls (S.D.)
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