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2/8/20134:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Michigan Tech
2/8/20136:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Winona State
2/8/20137:37PMMen's Hockey vs. Minnesota
2/8/20138:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Winona State
2/9/20132:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Wisconsin-Eau Claire
2/9/20132:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Wisconsin
2/9/20134:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Upper Iowa
2/9/20136:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Upper Iowa
2/9/20137:07PMMen's Hockey vs. Minnesota
2/14/20137:00PMWrestling vs. Minnesota State
2/15/20132:30PMWomen's Tennis vs. Bethel
2/15/20136:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Bethel University
2/15/20136:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. MSU Moorhead
2/15/20138:00PMMen's Basketball vs. MSU Moorhead
2/16/201310:00AMMen's Tennis vs. St. John's
2/16/20134:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Northern State
2/16/20136:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Northern State
2/22/20137:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota
2/23/201310:00AMWomen's Tennis vs. North Dakota
2/23/20132:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota
2/23/20135:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. South Dakota
2/27/20136:00PMNSIC/Sanford Health Women's Basketball Tournament
2/27/20138:00PMNSIC/Sanford Health Men's Basketball Tournament
3/1/20132:30PMWomen's Tennis vs. Northern State
3/1/20137:37PMMen's Husky Hockey vs. Michigan Tech
3/2/201310:00AMWomen's Tennis vs. Southwest Minnesota State
3/2/20132:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. St. Thomas
3/2/20132:00PMNSIC/Sanford Health Basketball Tournament Quarterfinals
3/2/20134:00PMNSIC/Sanford Health Basketball Quarterfinals
3/2/20137:07PMMen's Husky Hockey vs. Michigan Tech
3/22/20132:30PMWomen's Tennis vs. Norther Arizona
3/22/20135:30PMMen's Tennis vs. Northern Arizona University
3/23/201310:00AMWomen's Tennis vs. Augustana
3/23/20135:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Bemidji State
3/24/201311:00AMWomen's Tennis vs. U-Mary
4/4/20132:30PMWomen's Tennis vs. Minnesota State
4/6/201310:00AMWomen's Tennis vs. Sioux Falls
4/6/20136:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Minnesota, Crookston
8/25/201312:30PMSOCCER vs. College of Saint Benedict
9/13/20137:00PMSOCCER vs. NW Missouri State
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