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Date Time Event Name
2/3/20125:00PMFrancophone Night
2/18/20125:00PMLiberian Night
3/22/20125:00PMUnity Day
4/4/20127:00PMFirst Words: An Evening of Poetry in the Miller Center
4/9/20125:00PMLame Deer Spring Break Service Trip Presentation
4/10/20125:00PMAmerican Indian Movie Screening
4/11/201212:00PMWomen on Wednesday
4/11/20126:00PMHmong Night 2012
4/12/20125:00PMPow Wows 101 Presentation
4/13/20126:00PMTraditional Arbor Building
4/14/20121:00PMAnnual Pow Wow
4/14/20121:00PMAmerican Indian Center Pow Wow
9/14/20127:00PMKISS2012 Concert of Performers & Live Electronics
9/15/20127:00PMKISS2012 Concert of Live Cinema
9/19/20125:00PMDay of Independence/Dia de La Independencia
9/24/201212:00PMA Geography Abroad Discussion Panel: Alnwick, UK
9/29/20126:00PMChinese moon night festival event
10/4/20123:30PMFreedom Riders - free film viewing
10/20/20125:00PMDashain Tihar Night
11/10/20125:00PMMalaysia Night 2012
11/11/20124:00PMPassport to the World: Around the World in 100 Minutes
11/17/20126:00PMIndia Night 2012 - Bollywood Jalwa
2/2/20136:00PMJapan Night
3/1/20136:00PMVietnamese cultural kitchen
3/1/20136:00PMVietnamese cultural kitchen
3/23/20135:30PMNepal Night 2013
3/23/20135:30PMNepal Night 2013
4/4/20137:00PMAn Evening of Poetry
4/6/20136:00PMHmong Night 2013
4/13/20135:00PMInternational Spring Festival
8/24/20131:00PMAmerican Indian Center Open House
9/5/20134:00PMAmerican Indian Center House Blessing
9/5/20137:00PMLGBT Resource Center Fall KICK-OFF
9/21/201311:00AMSt. Cloud Pride in the Park
9/21/20135:30PMChinese Moonlight Festival
10/5/20135:00PMDashain and Tihar Night '13
10/19/20135:00PMSaudi Night
11/7/20137:00PMVoices of Sepharad
1/23/20147:00PMPerforming Arts Show - Cirque Zuma Zuma
2/1/20145:00PMVietnamese Culture Night
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