• Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province
    Changbai Mountain
  • Confucius Institute
    Confucius Institute
  • Confucius Institute
    Confucius Institute

Cross-cultural collaboration

The Confucius Institute will work with Chinese immersion/second-language programs and build cross-cultural understanding and partnerships in the community.

The institute is housed on the second floor of the Education Building.

The Confucius Institute is made possible through a partnership with the Jilin Province Department of Education in Changchun, China, and in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Education and the Ministry of Education in China.

For more information, email Kathy Johnson, Confucius Institute director and associate professor of special education.





如想了解更多,请联络 Kathy Johnson博士,孔子学院负责人和特殊教育副教授。

Recent News

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