President's Message

President Earl H. Potter III with a visitor

From my first day on the St. Cloud State University campus, I knew that coming here was the right decision. Our students come from Minnesota and every corner of the world to invest in an education that inspires, challenges and prepares them to be globally competitive. Whenever I meet with students, I'm pleased to hear them echo my pride in being part of this exciting learning community on the banks of the Mississippi River.

A number of our undergraduate and graduate programs are nationally recognized and accredited, and our diverse faculty is committed to academic excellence and relevant teaching. Whether in front of a classroom or seated next to students in a laboratory, our professors are dedicated to helping students explore their possibilities and achieve their potential.

More than 250 student organizations offer students the chance to tackle new personal challenges and develop their talents. Our 13 education-abroad programs offer exhilarating, life-altering experiences.

In 1869, our first students came from neighboring farms and towns to learn how to teach Minnesota school children. Today's students, including more 1,000 international students from more than 80 nations, come seeking an affordable education to prepare them for a wide range of career choices. What they discover is a world of opportunities to explore new possibilities, new ideas and new perspectives to prepare them for life.

- President Earl H. Potter III