October 1998 Saint Cloud Weather Summary

This Month's Daily Statistics

SUBJECT: Another mild fall month
Saint Cloud October 1998 weather summary

October in Saint Cloud was warm, like September, but not quite as
warm as September. The average temperature of 49.1 degrees was more than
3 degrees above normal. It was the warmest October since 1994 and only
the second time in the past 25 years that the average temperature exceeded
49 degrees.

Actually, the average high temperature was the same as October of
1997. However, the low temperature was about 3 degrees warmer. This reflects
the more consistent warmth of October 1998. October 1997 had more extremely
warm days (4 days with a high greater than 80 degrees) but that was
negated by some extremely cold readings at the end of the month (3 mornings
with lows below 20). October 1998 was a more consistenly mild month.

The rainfall for the month was about three tenths of an inch
below normal, with the bulk of it falling during a slow-moving storm
system during the 14th-18th, when 0.86 inch fell. Higher rainfall totals
were seen further to the south and east. The warmth of this air was made
apparent by the fact that the temperature steadily rose from the 30's
into the 60's despite no sun during the period.

SUMMARY FOR OCTOBER 1998               OCT 1998         NORMAL
Average high temperature ( F)            59.5            57.4
Average low temperature ( F)             38.6            34.4
Average temperature ( F)                 49.1            45.9
Warmest high for this month ( F)         71 on the 10th, 11th
Coolest high for this month ( F)         49 on the 12th, 13th
Mildest low for this month ( F)          57 on the 16th
Coldest low for this month ( F)          25 on the 20th

Record temperatures ( F):                none

October                                   1.89            2.21
Greatest in 24 hours (Oct 1997)           0.62 on the 16th

October                                    0.0             0.5

Historic temperature data provided courtesy of the Saint Cloud National Weather Service Office, and NOAA/NWS
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