January 2000 Saint Cloud Weather Summary

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SUBJECT: Winter finally arrives...sort of
	 January 2000 St. Cloud weather summary

At least, January 2000 finally looked a bit like winter in St. Cloud. Three snowstorms at mid-month gave St. Cloud its first long-term snow cover of the season. The January snowfall of 10.8 inches again helped to keep January's reputation as the snowiest month of the year. However, the snowfall was only slightly above the normal total of 10.1 inches.

St. Cloud even tied a snowfall record this past month. The 5.0 inches of snow on January 12 tied the highest snowfall for the date, set originally in 1993. However, when that snowfall accounts for nearly 1/3 of the seasonal snowfall (16.4 inches), then we know that we're not exactly having a winter wonderland this year. The seasonal snowfall remains nearly 10 inches below normal, but we now seem sure to pass the most recent, relatively snowless winters: the winter of 1980-1981, which only produced 16.5 inches for the season, and the winter of 1986-1987, which only had 16.7 inches for the season.

After getting a snow cover, which reflects more sunshine out to space, temperatures began to get more winter-like. Immediately after the first two snowstorms, St. Cloud began a streak of 13 sub-zero lows in 17 days, including -22 on the 21st, the coldest night of the season thus far. Still, the cold could not entirely offset the mild conditions early in the month, so St. Cloud ended up more than 3 1/2 degrees above normal for the month. This average temperature was even warmer than January 1999, the only near normal cold season month last year. It would take a February with temperatures averaging nearly 8 degrees below normal to give St. Cloud a normal winter average temperature. So much for La Nina!

SUMMARY FOR JANUARY 2000               JAN 2000         NORMAL
Average high temperature ( F)            22.3            18.5
Average low temperature ( F)             1.0             -2.4
Average temperature ( F)                 11.7            8.1
Warmest high for this month ( F)         42 on the 8th       
Coldest high for this month ( F)         5 on the 21st
Mildest low for this month ( F)          27 on the 10th
Coldest low for this month ( F)          -22 on the 21st

Record temperatures ( F):                none
January                                   0.76           0.74
Greatest in 24 hours                      .26 on the 12th, 19th

January                                   10.8           10.1
Greatest in 24 hours                      5.0 on the 12th (tied record; see below)
Season (1997-1998)                        16.4           26.3

Record snowfall:
Daily records - maximum daily snowfall    5.0 on the 12th (tied with 1993)

Historic temperature data provided courtesy of the Saint Cloud National Weather Service Office, and NOAA/NWS
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