TEC (Technology, Engineering & Careers) Network

Technology, Engineering & Careers (TEC) Network

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Project Overview

St. Cloud State University (SCSU) has developed an extensive k-12 outreach program over the last 13 years to support Technology & Engineering Education, Career & Technical Education (CTE) and STEM programs around the state. This has been in partnership with several companies, Central Minnesota Manufacturing Association (CMMA), Dream It, Do It, local school districts, and SCSU alumni.

This program has brought advanced equipment (laser engravers, CNC equipment, 3D printers, etc.) to over 50 schools and more than 50,000 students. With this program there has been an increasing need / request for professional development and program review / program development. This has been done on a school by school basis. We are expanding all of these activities for the central MN region and around the state.
Project Components

The following types of activities will be developed and supported by SCSU. Each school selected to be a part of the TEC Network will receive the following:

  1. Equipment access
    1. Currently over $1,300,000 worth of equipment
    2. Includes supplies and maintenance of the equipment
    3. District has no overhead associated with owning equipment
    4. Opportunity to purchase equipment at demo rate
    5. New equipment added to meet changing needs of industry
    6. Equipment is scheduled forweeks at a time throughout the year
  2. Professional development – examples include:
    1. Summer workshops
    2. On-site support
    3. Career & Technical Education (CTE) License
    4. Work Based Learning (WBL) License
    5. BS Degree (credit / advancement)
    6. MS Degree (credit / advancement)
  3. Program review
  4. Advisory board support
  5. Program enhancement plan (district will determine items needed) Examples include:
    1. Youth apprenticeship plan
    2. Career awareness /readiness
    3. Recruitment ideas / plan
    4. STEM activities / curriculum
  6. Network meetings of all teachers, administrators, and business partners


Our focus is to support your teachers in developing their program to provide opportunities for students.

How to Apply / Questions - Contact:

Kurt Helgeson
320-308-3127 – Office
320-420-2662 – Cell

Request equipment / support: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TEC23-24 

 This program is made possible through partnerships with: 

  • H2I, Inc
  • Stratasys, Inc
  • TEAM Industries
  • Southcentral Perkins Consortium
  • Southeast Perkins Consortium
  • Austin Perkins consortium


Current Projects: 

  • ACE Training
  • DEED Robotics Support

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