Tuesday, April 18, 2017

20th Annual Student Research Colloquium


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  • Promoting creative works, scholarship, and innovative thinking across all disciplines!

  • Engaging students in activities that enhance their success and learning!

  • Providing growth and development along multiple dimensions of Our Husky Compact!

Students may participate in a variety of ways:


SRC 2016 - Competition Winners

Formal Paper Competition

1st Place:

Sinduja Thinamany, Bisphenol A and Type 1 Diabetes; A Global Concern

Sponsor: Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje, Biology, College of Science and Engineering

2nd Place:

Brianna Balsemo, Analysis of Lithic Tools and Points at the Little Elk River Mission Site

Sponsor: Robbie Mann, Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts

Paper/Oral Competition

1st Place:

Molly Lou Pintok, Generating Discourses: Framing Visions of Landscape Concerning Windfarm Implementation in Wales, UK and Minnesota, USA

Sponsor: Gareth John, Geography and Planning, School of Public Affairs

2nd Place:

Sunghee Kim, Sruthi Shankar, and Duha Vang, Can Flatworms be used as Behavioral Screens for Potential Anti-Epileptic Drugs?

Sponsor: Latha Ramakrishnan, Chemistry, College of Science and Engineering

3rd Place:

Annaliese Heinicke, Of Moose and Men: A Geographical Synthesis Towards Understanding the Declining Moose Population in Minnesota

Sponsor: Gareth John, Geography and Planning, School of Public Affairs

Poster Competition

1st Place:

Tyler Baxter, Laser Ablation Material Capture

Sponsor: John Sinko, Physics and Astronomy, College of Science and Engineering

2nd Place:

Jashmin Nakarmi, Art and Design by Jashmin Nakarmi

Sponsor: Keith Christensen, Art, School of the Arts

3rd Place:

Heidi Heldberg, The Cement Mixer Experiment: How rapidly will igneous rocks be reduced in size during stream transport?

Sponsor: Katherine Pound, Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences, College of Science and Engineering

Outstanding Performance/Creative Work

Cat Carr, Jessica Peters, Robert Wolf, and Tim Thole, Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread

Sponsor: Brenda Wentworth, Theatre and Film Studies, School of the Arts

Photos of the Closing Ceremony