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Renting 101

Renting 101 is intended to be a useful and accessible resource for SCSU and SCTCC students, prospective students, parents and community members in the St. Cloud area. 

 It is designed to:

  • Assist renters and prospective renters in making informed decisions before signing a lease.
  • Increase students’ and community members’ knowledge of tenant rights and responsibilities.
  • Increase awareness of community resources that support the responsibilities of neighborhood living and increase quality of life in the communities near campus.

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Renting on your own for the first time can enhance your independence. But along with that independence comes more decisions and responsibilities.

  • Are you ready to negotiate a rental agreement, sign up for utilities, and pay a deposit and regular bills?
  • Have you thought about the safety features of your residence?
  • How will you handle repairs if something breaks?
  • What about planning for how and when you’ll move out (and avoid getting evicted)?

We’ve put together some helpful hints for navigating the rental road because this big journey has lots of little steps!

To get you started, check out the “Renting 101” infographic.

Additional Resources:

Security Deposits 101

Landlords have the right to require tenants to pay a security deposit (sometimes called a “damage deposit”).  We’ve created this guide to help you know when you are eligible to receive your security deposit back and what to do if you don’t.

Rental Repairs 101

In normal circumstances, you may be able to ask your landlord for repairs by calling, emailing, or even texting them. However, this may not always work. If you are having trouble getting repairs, we have included a handy guide below to help you determine what your next step may be.

Tenant Repair Request List

If you're a renter who needs repairs done, filing a Tenant Repair Request with your landlord can help you get your rental back in order.  

Validated Residences -- CAPS District

Click on the link above to view the list of residences within the Campus Area Police Services District that have met the nationally recognized Crime Prevention premises and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) standards as recommended by the St. Cloud Police Department. 

Personal Property Inventory Sheet

Click on the link above to record your personal property information.  Store this information in a secure location in case your property is lost or stolen.