Communication Sciences and Disorders

Communication Sciences and Disorders majors get the pre-professional training that leads them to careers that help those with speech and language differences and disorders. You'll learn how language and speech develop, how to identify and treat differences, delays and disorders in speech and language. The classes you'll take, focus on basic communication, and normal development of communication, and clinical assessment and intervention. CSD graduate students gain exceptional experience while working in our on-campus Speech Language and Hearing Clinic.  

Program Highlights

  • Professional experience in the on-campus Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic that diagnoses and treats more than 75 clients a semester.
  • Opportunity to learn from and work with nationally certified speech-language pathologists and audiologists.
  • Faculty who are active in professional and service organizations.
  • Activities that increase awareness of and advocate for people with communication differences and disorders.

Program Distinctions

  • The Master of Science (M.S.) education program in speech-language pathology {residential} at St. Cloud State University is accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 2200 Research Boulevard, #310, Rockville, MD 20850, 800-498-2071 or 301-296-5700.
  • Operation of an on-campus Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic since 1948.
  • Faculty members chosen frequently as presenters at state and national conferences.

Student Organizations

Popular Careers

What our CSD Undergraduate Degree (B.S.) Graduates Do:

  • Speech Language Pathology Assistant
  • Paraprofessional
  • Recreational Therapist
  • Behavioral Therapist
  • Early Intervention Specialist
  • Special Education/ Learning Disability Teacher
  • Adult Medical Care

What our CSD Master Degree (M.S.) Graduates Do:

  • Speech Language Pathologist (in both the medical and educational workforces)