Pre-College Programs


The Office of Pre-College Programs at St. Cloud State University hosts precollege programs and assists in the coordination of the activities and programs that constitute the “Pipeline” concept at SCSU.

Pipeline Programs

The “Pipeline” concept at St.  Cloud State University. The Pipeline Programs are comprehensive and long-term strategies implemented through a set of academic programs and services offered by various offices and departments of the university.  They operate in partnership with business, community, educational, and non-profit organizations and families, and are designed to provide opportunities for academic enrichment and career awareness to students of color, female and low-income students.  These programs also serve to enhance recruitment of students of color to higher education.

During the academic year this office offers supplemental educational services to students in the 742 School District and other districts in the Twin Cities, including field trips, mentoring and tutoring services as well as campus tours for middle school students in St. Cloud and from around the state of Minnesota. 

" Underrepresented" in higher edcuation can mean:

  • Students from low-income families
  • Students from immigrant background
  • First-generation college families
  • Students of racial and ethnic minorities
  • Students with low academic scores on standardized tests
  • as well as other students facing obstacles to higher education

These are the basic goals of the programs:

  • Improve academic achievement
  • Improve high school graduation rates
  • Increase rigorous college preparatory course taking behavior
  • Increase college attendance


St. Cloud State University has a partnership with the St. Cloud School District (District 742), providing the assistance of tutors for the purpose of improving academic achievement and high school graduation rates, increasing rigorous college preparatory course-taking behavior, and increasing post-secondary participation among underrepresented students in grades 6-12 in District 742.

Students from St. Cloud State University (SCSU) are employed to assist with these programs and may work in a variety of capacities, such as tutors, mentors, teaching assistants, program counselors, office assistants, research assistants, computer consultants, or recreation staff.  College students play a vital role in the operations of the programs and can contribute skills, talents and experiences, as well as serve as role models for younger students in Pre-College settings.

Summer Enrichment Programs

There are two precollege summer enrichment programs, the Math-Science-Computer Camps, and the Advanced Program in Technology and Science. Each pre-college program is designed to address the severe problem of  underrepresented students of color in scientific and technical areas.  For each program, the target population consists of students from groups historically underrepresented in scientific, technical and business occupations.  While the programs serve the same population, each is geared to a different age group.  Further, while the focus is on underrepresented groups, students from all backgrounds participate in these programs.

Overview of SCSU Office of Pre-College Programs


Types of Programs

Time Frame


Students Served


Tutoring; mentoring; academic enrichment;  test preparation

Academic year;

Schools in District 742; some community sites; SCSU;

Grades 6-12 Students from District 742

Math-Science-Computer Camp (MSCC)

Preparation for science, technology, engineering, mathematics; career exploration; college awareness



Grades 3-8 Students from Minnesota and other parts of the nation

Advanced Program in Technology and Science (APTS)

Preparation for science, technology, engineering, mathematics; career exploration; college awareness



Grades 10-11 Minnesota students as well as students from across the USA and international students

College-readiness activities and services

Campus tours; partnerships with families, schools, community groups; cultural awareness


Community sites; other campuses,

P-12 Students and groups from Central Minnesota; members of the St. Cloud-area community