Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Warren Yu

Degrees with field, institutions and date

Ph.D., Mechanical engineering, Washington State University, 1988

MS, Mechanical engineering, Washington State University, 1984

BS, Optical engineering, Zhejiang University, Hongzhou, P.R.C., 1965

Number of years service on this faculty, including date of original appointment and dates of advancement in rank

Twelve years of service on this faculty

Originally appointed in August 1988 to the rank of Associate Professor

Promoted to the rank of Professor effective August 1996

Other related experience -- teaching, industrial, etc.

Director of Engineering, FENA Design, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, 1996 - present

Project Leader, W.F. Scarince Inc., Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, 1994 - 1995

Chairperson of Metal Processing Advisory Committee for Manufacturing Services of Central Minnesota, 1990 - 1992

Vice-Chairperson, regional Education/Economy Development Task Force, 1989 - 1990

Teaching Assistant, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Washington State university, 1982 - 1988

Research Assistant, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Washington State university, 1982 - 1988

Project Engineer, Shanghai No. 2 Optical Instrument Works, Shanghai, P.R.C., 1982 - 1988

Production Engineer, Shanghai No. 2 Optical Instrument Works, Shanghai, P.R.C., 1965 - 1988

Consulting, patents, etc.

MTS Systems Co., Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Alternative manufacturing for cost reduction, 1999 - present

The Antioch Company, St. Cloud, Minnesota, product design/manufacturing, and industry/university partnership, 1996 - 1998

Mayer Associates, Minneapolis, Minnesota, initial design and analysis of a ratchet wrench, 1990 - 1992

Custom Products, Litchfield, Minnesota, reduction of cycle time for design and prototyping, 1991

Patent: US 6, 231, 067 B1, Motorized Standing Wheelchair, May 15 2001

State(s) in which registered


Principal publications of past five years

Yu, W., and Wade, P., The Design of a Standing Wheelchair by university Engineers , Proc. of The Thirteenth International Symposium of Industrial Engineering, Sept., 2000

Zong. Y., and Yu, W., Integrating Course Design with Real World Problem Solving , Proc. of ASEE - NMS Conference, 1996.

Yu, W., and Zong, Y., Learning Organizations for Continuous Improvement , Proc. 5th Industrial Engineering Research Conference, 1996

Yu, W., and Bekkala, A., The Capstone Design Experience in Manufacturing Engineering , ASEE-NMS Conference, 1995

Scientific and professional societies of which a member

American Society for Engineering Education

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

9. Honors and awards

Guest Professor at Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, 1997- present

Nominated for the Outstanding Contributions Award by the Dean of the College of Science and Technology, 1991

Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, 1984 - present

Institutional and professional service in the last five years

ABET compliance coordinator

Designated advisor of pre-engineering students

Chair of faculty search committee

Member of College of Science and Engineering Curriculum Committee

Coordinator of senior design projects

Participation in the design and planning of the newly established Mechanical engineering Program

Participation in the design and planning of MS programs in Mechanical engineering and Manufacturing Engineering

Participation in Industry Advisory Board activities

Professional development activities in the last five years

Conference of Learning Organizations, Shanghai, P.R.C., 1999

North American Collegiate Entrepreneurial Conference, Chicago, April, 1998

Pro/Manufacturing Basic milling training, Seattle, May, 1997

St. Cloud Area Leadership Program, 1997

Attended various professional workshops