Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Steven J. Covey

Degrees with fields, institutions, and dates received.

PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Cincinnati, 1993

MS, Engineering Mechanics, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1984

BS, Engineering Mechanics, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1982

Area(s) of expertise.

Exploiting interactions between mechanical design, material science, and manufacturing processes for product design and/or failure analysis including applications in the biomedical, aerospace, and computer industries.  Specific areas include materials selection, finite element methods, composite materials, manufacturing processes, expert witness, fatigue and failure analysis, biaxial mechanical testing, microscopy, and design.

Number of years of service.

Fifteen years: original appointment date August 1993. Tenured September 1996.

Other related experience: teaching, industrial, etc.

Boston Scientific, Visiting Research Scientist (sabbatical)  - 9/03-5/04

New Creation Engineering LLC, Owner (engineering company)  - June 2002

NASA Glenn Research Center, ASEE Faculty Fellowship  - Summer 1995

NASA Glenn Research Center, Visiting Scientist  - 1992-1993

MTS Systems, Project Engineer  - 1986-1990

IBM Corp, Associate Engineer - 1984-1985


Microscopy, chemistry study of electropolish in stainless steels, DCI  - 6/08-5/09

Expert witness and testimony, Socie and Bolt  - 7/08-1/09

Expert witness and testimony, Zychowicz   - 7/08-1/09

Design/build an aortic heart valve fatigue tester, Boston Scientific  - 8/07-5/08

Design of a ball valve, DeZurik Valves  - 8/07-5/08

Design/build planar biaxial material test system, Boston Scientific  - 8/06-5/07

Expert witness and testimony, Sobalvarro  - 3/07-6/07

Biomedical product design, Boston Scientific  - 8/05-8/07

Expert witness and testimony, Yira  - 8/05-11/06

Vacuum cup product design, Park Industries  - 8/04-5/05

Expert witness and testimony, Hansmeier  - 1/05-5/05

Stress analysis for product design, Cold Spring Granite  - 3/05-5/05

Biomedical product design using finite element, Boston Scientific  - 8/04-8/05

Expert witness and testimony, Grunke  - 6/04-1/05

Biomedical product design w/ human tissue, modeling, Boston Scientific  - 9/03-6/04

Finite element analysis of quench cracking, new materials, ME Global  - 11/01-8/03

Expert witness and testimony, Grunke  - 2/03-3/03

Pressure vessel design verification, DCI, Inc  - 8/02

Evaluation of austemper heat treat process, Whirltronics  - 11/01-5/02

Evaluation of production processes on stent quality, Boston Scientific  - 10/01-5/02

Prosthetic pump specified rotation design, TEC  - 9/01-3/02

Expert witness evaluation, Socie, Buchman, and Bolt  - 10/01

Finite element analysis of pump for improved fatigue life, TEC  - 5/01-8/01

Finite element analysis of wood failure, Buchman  - 5/01-7/01

Redesign of tooling for pattern making, Cold Spring Granite  - 11/00-5/01

Expert witness evaluation and testimony, Grunke  - 9/99-9/00

Product design verification, DeZurik  - 9/99

Integral air spring / vacuum pump prosthetic design, TEC  - 6/99-6/00

Design of mechanical behavior environmental subsystem, Antioch  - 6/98-6/99

Expert witness evaluation and testimony, Higgins  - 10/98-4/99

Optimization of biomaterial design and manufacture, TEC  - 5/98-6/99

Novel test for durability of soft urethane under complex stresses, TEC  - 9/98-5/99

Transport phenomena and materials processing, Training Course  - 6/98-8/98

Expert witness evaluation and testimony, Soucie  - 2/98-11/98

Evaluation of prosthetic interface materials, TEC  - 11/97-4/98

Design of automatic quench table, Alexandria Extrusion  - 8/97-5/98

Numerical simulation of the casting process, Grede  - 6/96-5/97

Engineering Training, Tennant  - Summer 1996

Engineering training (12 weeks), DeZurik  - Spring 1996

Finite element modeling of spring failure, Engel Metallurgical  - Spring 1996

Finite element modeling of extrusion process, Alexandria Extrusion   - Fall 1995-96

Finite element modeling of next generation forming tools, HTI  - Fall 1995-96

Planar biaxial testing of 304SS, NASA Glenn Research Center  - Summer 1995

Axial/torsional testing of aluminum-matrix composite tubes, 3M  - Summer 1995

Micromechanical test system design, MTS  - Fall 1994

Finite element modeling of forming processes, HTI  - 1994-1995

Finite element modeling wrench design, Mayer and Associates  - 1994-1995

Fatigue crack growth in metal matrix composites, 3M  - Fall 93-Jan 95

Finite element modeling of manufacturing operations, HTI  - Summer 1994

Specific programs for faculty improvement during last five years.

Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis, Medtronic/Jeol, Fridley, MN  - May 2008

Design of Medical Devices Conference, Minneapolis, MN  - April 2008

FDA/NHLBI/NSF Workshop on Computer Methods for Cardiovascular Devices  - March 2008

Biomechanics Workshop, BSCI, Maple Grove, MN  - February 2008

Design of Medical Devices Conference, Minneapolis, MN  - April 2007

Failure Analysis Conference, ASM, Minneapolis, MN  - February 2007

Design of Medical Devices Conference, Minneapolis, MN  - April 2006

BioInterface – Cardiac and Vascular Devices, Minneapolis, MN  - October 2005

ASM Nitinol for the Medical Device Engineer, Minneapolis, MN  - October 2005

Modeling of Human Vessel/Stent Interactions, BSCI, Maple Grove, MN  - April 2005

ASM Materials and Processes for Medical Devices, St. Paul, MN  - August 2004

Chairing the Academic Dept., American Council on Ed., Tampa, FL  - Novemb 2000

Extrusion Technology 2000, Chicago, IL  - May 2000

American Society of Materials Seminar, MplS, MN  - February 2000

ASME/AIChE/ASCE/BMES Bioengineering Conference, Big Sky, MT  - June 1999

American Society of Materials Seminar, Mpls, MN  - February 1999

Assembly of American Orthotic Prosthetic Association, Chicago, IL  - Septem 1998

American Society of Materials Seminar, Mpls, MN  - April 1998

Nonlinear Finite Element Short Course, Palo Alto, CA  - Decem 1997

101st Casting Congress, Seattle, WA  - April 1997

Extrusion Technology Conference, Chicago, IL  - May 1996

Pro/E CAD Software Training, Mpls, MN  - March 1996

ASEE Sectional Meeting, St. Cloud, MN  - October 1995

ASEE/NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship Program, Cleveland, OH  - Summer 1995

ASTM Symposium on Multiaxial Fatigue, Denver, CO  - May 1995

ASM Fall Conference, Chicago, IL  - October 1994

ASEE Sectional Meeting, Duluth, MN  - October 1994

Super Computer Conference on Parallel Processing, Mpls, MN  - April 1994

NASA's HI-TEMP Conference, Cleveland, OH  - October 1993

State(s) in which registered as a Professional Engineer.

Minnesota License Number 24385

Scientific and professional society memberships.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Associate Member

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), Associate Member

American Society for Materials (ASM), Associate Member

Honors and awards.  

ASEE/NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship Program 1995

ASEE/NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship Program 1994

Ohio Aerospace Institute Doctoral Fellow 9/90 - 6/93

Project Engineer, Total Quality Awards, MTS Systems 1988, 1989

Typical courses assigned

MME 210 Introduction to Material Science & Engineering

MME 330 Manufacturing Processes I

MME 340, 341 Machine Design Fundamentals, Design of Machine Elements

MME 411/511 Mechanical Behavior of Materials

MME 420/520 Finite Element Methods

MME 440/540 Solid Mechanics

MME 640 Elasticity and Plasticity