University Library

Student Study Rooms

Room Descriptions

Second floor rooms have a capacity of five and are equipped with a wired network connection, computer, large screen monitor, web camera, and white board:

  • MC 208
  • MC 209
  • MC 210
  • MC 211
  • MC 227
  • MC 228
  • MC 229
  • MC 230
  • MC 231
  • MC 232
  • MC 233
  • MC 234

Third rooms have a capacity of two and are equipped with a wired network connection, computer, large screen monitor, web camera, and white board:

  • MC 315
  • MC 316
  • MC 317
  • MC 318


Using a Room

Study rooms may be scheduled using the online scheduling system or by calling the Circulation Desk at 320-308-3083.

  • Users are encouraged to utilize supplies from sanitizing stations in the stairway landing area on each floor to prepare their study space.
  • Rooms may be scheduled up to 28 days in advance on a first come, first served basis.
  • Reservations will be for a maximum of two hours and must start on the hour, half-hour or quarter-hour.
  • Reservations will be held for 15 minutes from the scheduled start time. Unclaimed reservations will be canceled and the room made available to other students.
  • A student may have one reservation per day. If, at the end of the reservation, no other student has requested the room, the original student may renew the room at the Circulation Desk.

Study room keys are picked up at the Circulation Desk at the time of checkout and returned to the Circulation Desk immediately at the end of the checkout period.

Wireless keyboards, and other room accessories, may be checked out upon request.

Room Use Policy

  • Students must present a valid St. Cloud State ID Card to check out a study room.
  • Standard checkout will be two hours. If there is no request or reservation for the room after two hours, the student may renew the checkout at the Circulation Desk.
  • The student checking out the study room is responsible for any damages. Cases of deliberate vandalism or abuse will result in loss of checkout privileges and may be prosecuted.
  • Conduct in this room must be appropriate to a library setting and in accordance with University Library policies.
  • The security of personal belongings left in the study room is the student’s responsibility.
  • Rooms must be vacated 15 minutes prior to library closing.
  • Students may not reserve the rooms for use by commercial entities or other groups not affiliated with St. Cloud State.

Virtual EMS Instructions for Study Rooms

  1. Go to the virtual EMS website:
  2. Click on the “My Home” tab at the top and login with your StarID and password.
  3. Under “My Reservation Templates,” find “Miller Center Student Study Rooms” and click on “Book Now.”
  4. Fill in the date and time on the left panel. (Items marked with a red asterisk must be completed.) Then click on “Search”.
  5. To select the room you wish to reserve, click on the green plus symbol (+) to add the room to your request. Then click on “Next Step” in the top right corner of the screen.
  6. Under “Group,” select “SCSU_A Student Study Rooms at the Miller Center.”  If no groups appear under the dropdown menu, click the magnifying glass next to the dropdown menu and within the popup box type in “SCSU_A Student Study Room at the Miller Center” and select it from the autofill list that appears below. Click the close button on the lower right hand corner of the popup.
  7. Enter your name (first and last), phone number, and email address where indicated, next to 1st Contact.
  8. Click on “Create Reservation”.
  9. Confirmation of your reservation will appear on the screen.


Video tutorial