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Guidelines for Displays and Exhibits in the Miller Center


These guidelines establish direction for use of the display and exhibit spaces in the James W. Miller Learning Resources Center.


Lobby Tabling

The Lobby is the corridor between the two main building entrances, the corridor providing access to the coffee shop and extended study room, and the (non-carpeted) area in front of the auditorium entrance. Academic, administrative, and student groups with an official St. Cloud State University affiliation may staff a table in the Lobby. Groups wanting to exhibit in the lobby must call the University Library Dean’s Office at (320) 308-2022 to make a reservation, which are accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. The length of the exhibit will be mutually agreed upon, but never more than one week. University Library will provide a table, two chairs, an easel, and an extension cord upon request. Any other equipment is provided by the requestor. The requestor is responsible for monitoring and staffing their display, and University Library is not responsible for the security of any items in the display.

Digital Signage and Book Displays

The Library’s digital signs and book displays are for Library use or Library-facilitated use only. Campus entities may suggest content for display on the Library’s digital signs via email to  The University Library personnel will determine whether to post suggested content with or without revision. University Library is not responsible for the security of any items on display.

Displays of Literature, Posters, or Table Tents

Academic, administrative, student groups, and individual students with an official St. Cloud State affiliation may post information on any of the vertical announcement boards located in the MC lobby and on each floor of the library. No other displays, or placing of business cards, literature, pamphlets, posters table tents, or similar items of any kind are permitted in the Miller Center except by MC offices, and approved by the University Library Dean’s Office. University Library employees will dispose of any unauthorized displays.

Any questions concerning this policy should be directed to the University Library Dean’s Office at (320) 308-2022.

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