Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

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St. Cloud State University’s Engineering Management Programs are certified by the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM). ASEM is the lead society for Engineering Management Program certification worldwide.

Curriculum Practical Training

Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) is a temporary employment authorization for international students to work in the United States on work related to thesis or starred paper. The department guidelines are over and above the guidelines set by the Center for International Studies (CIS).

CPT Application Form


A student must have completed all courses required as per their program except the thesis or capstone project. In most cases this would mean that a students with a thesis plan would have completed 24 or more credits toward their program and students on a capstone project plan would have completed 30 or more credits toward their program. This excludes English as a Second Language (ESL) and other credits not part of the graduate program.


  1. A student needs to download and complete the CPT form from CIS.
  2. Bring the filled form to your program director along with your latest transcript showing all courses complete except the thesis or the capstone project.
  3. Bring a letter from the company that is sponsoring you for your thesis/capstone project internship. The letter must show the start date and end date of the internship which is no more than 11 months in duration.
  4. File a reduced course load form.
  5. Sign one of the below statements.