Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

Curriculum Practical Training

Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) is a temporary employment authorization for international students to work in the United States on work related to their Capstone Project. The department guidelines are over and above the guidelines set by the Center for International Studies (CIS). Please note, exceeding 365 days of full time CPT will render students unable to access OPT. Students should keep a tally of CPT days used. It is best to restrict your full time CPT to 11 months. 



A student on F1 visa must have completed 30 MEM course credits (excluding capstone project and ESL/EAP courses). Those who have completed 24 MEM course credits and are registered for the last 6 MEM course credits (excluding Capstone Project) in the summer semester are also eligible to start full time CPT in the summer semester. If they wish to continue CPT in the fall semester, they would need to have completed the last 6 summer registered courses. Students on probation (GPA less than 3) will not be allowed to start CPT. 


Students need to visit the CIS website and read up the process and then apply from there. Please remember to upload your transcript showing completion of 30/24 MEM course credits to avoid delays to your CPT applications. CPT applications will be processed once a week in the department between Wedneday and the following week's Tuesday.

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St. Cloud State University’s Engineering Management Programs are certified by the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM). ASEM is the lead society for Engineering Management Program certification worldwide.

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