Communication Sciences and Disorders (M.S.)

Post-Graduation Requirements

Praxis Exam

As a requirement for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC), students in speech pathology must pass the Praxis Exam. The Education Testing Service (ETS) administers the Praxis Exam. 

You can obtain the Praxis Series Registration Bulletin and the Praxis Series Test-at-a-Glance booklet from ETS by calling 800-772-9476 or e-mail
Students can register directly with ETS for the test date and location that best meets their needs.
ASHA recommends that students register and take the examination no earlier than the completion of their graduate coursework and graduate clinical practicum or during the Clinical Fellowship experience.

ASHA Certification

After students have completed their academic coursework and clinical practicum, they are ready to apply for certification. The ASHA membership and certification handbook are located on the ASHA website. Students need to complete an application for membership and certification in black ink.  Then, they must submit their application to their graduate program director and obtain his/her signature.  The program director's signature will verify that you have met coursework and practicum requirements for certification.

State Licensure

The licensure requirements vary by state and type of organization that you work in (i.e. health or education).

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