Employment Procedures

Faculty & Coaches (Fixed Term, Non Probationary)

Departments must ALWAYS begin by completing a Request to Hire form and send it to the Hiring Manager's (dean/associate provost/athletic director) office for approval. Hiring Manager will then create a posting in PeopleAdmin for approval routing for all requests to fill or rehire faculty on a temporary basis. You must have PeopleAdmin user access and permissions in order to enter a posting. Contact Human Resources x83203 or email: humanresources@stcloudstate.edu if you have questions. 

For replacement or recruitment of temporary faculty, identify the type of search necessary based on the need for temporary faculty as defined below.

Abbreviated Search

Used for faculty/coach hired to fill in for faculty on leave of absence or sabbatical or for fixed-term faculty who have completed fourth year as an FTNP and a rollover is not permitted per IFO contract.

  1. In the recruitment of fixed-term, non-probationary positions, follow the steps established for a regular Full-Time, Probationary/Tenure-Track Faculty Search Process with the following three exceptions:
      1. Recruitment need only be at the regional level with an advertisement placed on the web (St. Cloud State and Minnesota State Employment Opportunities) and if desired, in a major regional newspaper; and
      2. A two- to three-week time frame is sufficient for regional advertising.
      3. Except for local candidates, only telephone interviews shall be conducted for fixed-term positions.

Emergency Search

Use for faculty/coach hired in the case of illness, death, sudden resignation with less than 30 days notice, failed search or need to add additional class sections or other circumstances where time precludes either a regular or abbreviated search.

Note: Sabbatical leave is not an acceptable reason to do an emergency search.

Requests for an emergency search must be accompanied with reason. The department chair will request (in writing via the Faculty Request to Hire form) to their Hiring Manager (associate provost/dean/athletic director) and include a request for waiver of national external search with the Equity & Affirmative Action officer (EAAO: Chocoletta A. Simpson and AAO: Desiree’ Clark) and provide the EAAO/AAO with an explanation of what recruitment strategies the department/unit will make via email. The email approval of the EAAO/AAO is required to complete the recruitment process.
  1. The request should include:
    1. reasons for the waiver request;
    2. what recruitment strategies the department/unit will make;
    3. in what publications they will advertise,
    4. what organizations they will contact,
    5. what other attempts the department/unit will make to ensure a successful search process, etc.
  2. The Dean's office will create a PeopleAdmin Posting and route it for approval. The EAAO’s email approval should be attached to the PeopleAdmin Posting.
  3. Where possible, candidates will be selected from an available pool of applicants (i.e. recent FTNP search within last six months or Adjunct pool).
  4. Emergency search appointments are not renewable and a regular FTNP or tenure-track search must be organized for a normal appointment.

Adjunct Instructor Pool(s) / Part-Time Faculty

Creation of Adjunct Pool (for part-time faculty teaching 10 credits or less per academic year)

  1. At least every 36 months, each department must create a viable Adjunct pool. Departments will submit to the dean/Hiring Manager their department ad based on the adjunct needs for the next two academic years. The dean or hiring official should review the qualifications that have been identified for each adjunct position as part of having the search approved. The dean must be satisfied that the credentials match the needs for the work. For example, if the phrase ‘related degree’ is used and the dean thinks more precision is required, then specificity should be added. 
  2. The dean will compile information from the departments into one advertisement for the college/school and forward to Office of Equity & Access (OEA) director for approval. Once approved:
    • Human Resources (HR) will post the ad on St. Cloud State University Employment Opportunities/PeopleAdmin and Minnesota State Employment Opportunities websites.
    • The department may also place an ad in a regional newspaper or online source. HR will assist in the placement of the ad, but the college/school or department is responsible for the cost of the newspaper or other online ads.
  3. Applicants will apply ONLINE in PeopleAdmin via the St. Cloud State University Employment site http://agency.governmentjobs.com/stcloudstate/default.cfm and provide the required components for a complete application: cover letter indicating area of interest, curriculum vitae, copies of transcript(s), and contact information for three current, professional references. Applications are pre-screened by HR Staff and only completed applications will be considered. Applicants will be notified by HR Staff if application is incomplete. HR Staff will then grant the dean and OEA director access to the complete application. Deans and academic hiring officials may discuss removing a candidate from the pool with Institutional Equity & Access director, Human Resources director, or special advisor to the president. The dean will remove individuals from the pool when they do not meet announced qualifications by entering a candidate's Evaluative Criteria of “Other” in the application as well as add comments in the Evaluative Criteria or Notes area in PeopleAdmin that says “Does not meet qualifications for [department and/or course number_____ ], initials and date”.  HR will notify them that they are no longer in the pool for this opportunity. 
  4. A screening committee will be established by the department(s) and names of committee members forwarded to OEA and HR.  
  5. OEA will provide screening committee members instructions information. Members must maintain confidentiality of deliberations, records and applicant information as per Minnesota State Data Practices Act. All interview committee members must sign the Confidentiality Agreement prior to viewing resumes. Minnesota State requires the following two training courses for search committee members: Search Advisory Committee Training for Minnesota State (part 1 of 2). Roles and responsibilities for creating a fair and effective search process (20 min.), and Unconscious Bias in the Search Process (part 2 of 2). Strategies to minimize the impact of unconscious bias as part of the search process (30 min.) Current employees will find these training videos in their Employee Self-Service, within ELM. There is also a web link for committee members who aren’t employees. Please forward the link to all screening committee members and have them review it. A Search Advisory Committee Handbook is also available, linked in the courses and available on the Minnesota State Search Advisory Committee Handbook (PDF).
  6. The screening committee will create a screening tool/form and send it to OEA for approval, with a cc: to their dean. Applicants for the pool must be screened using the approved screening form at a pre-determined cut-off date or as each Adjunct position presents itself. Adjuncts who have taught in the past should also be invited to apply and will be screened along with any new applicants. NOTE: NO ENTRIES REGARDING CANDIDATE DISPOSITION SHOULD BE ENTERED IN PeopleAdmin since applicants often apply for multiple disciplines and multiple screening committees review each application.
  7. HR will set up and grant access to PeopleAdmin to the members of the screening committee(s) for online application screening AFTER a screening criteria form is created and approved by OEA.
  8. Following approvals, a Faculty Unclassified Employment Request Form must be submitted to Human Resources for each adjunct hire (along with the completed copies of official transcripts for master’s level positions and original transcript for Ph.D. level positions) PRIOR TO THE EMPLOYMENT START DATE. This form must be complete and must include all of the appropriate information and department chair signature for an Adjunct hire (including account to be charged, appointment dates, course number(s), number of credits, appointment percentage of FTE, and any special considerations). The form and attachments (printed by dean's office staff) is routed for signatures by the dean, OEA and Provost and then to HR who will then process the contract for the Adjunct.
  9. If a new Adjunct is chosen (never worked at St. Cloud State prior), the department office manager should email humanresources@stcloudstate.edu with the name and contact information of the new hire. A HR Business Partner will contact the new hire to schedule I-9 completion and orientation. Federal law requires that an I-9 is completed within three days of the employee’s start date.