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Dean of Students Certification Form Student Disciplinary Records

The Dean of Students Certification is a verified report of student disciplinary records (academic and non-academic misconduct) as part of an application for admission or employment.  

Students may be asked to complete a Dean of Students Certification for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Application to Graduate and Professional School
  • Application for academic or cocurricular programs
  • Board of Admissions to the Bar
  • Background information for law enforcement (State and Municipal Police)
  • Background Information for the Federal Government (Agencies/Homeland Security/FBI/Others)
  • Study Abroad
  • Transfer application to a different institution

Requesting a Dean of Students Certification

Students and alumni must provide a signed release form providing the University permission to release this information. If you already have a form signed as part of your application, please upload it with your request.

Please note that if the form requires graduation verification, transcript release, GPA, eligibility to return or any type of academic record verification, please send your form directly to the Office of Records and Registration.



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