What is Credit for Prior Learning?

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) enables students to enrich their academic program by eliminating duplication of learners’ educational efforts through the awarding of CPL. Course credit is awarded when content mastered through a prior experience is equivalent to the student learning outcomes of a course. This equivalency is validated by academically sound and rigorous prior learning assessment methods.

Who Can Benefit?

Any student admitted to St. Cloud State University who has relevant learning experience that directly relates to a specific course’s learning outcomes is encouraged to explore this option. All work assessed for prior learning must meet or exceed “C” level work.

Entering first-year students are eligible to apply for assessment of prior learning if they have at least a “B” average (3.0) in high school in the area to be assessed and for all high school work.

All other students who meet the qualifications listed below may apply for assessment of prior learning.

  • The student must have at least a “B” average in any transfer credits or university courses taken in the area to be assessed.
  • A student must have completed at least one semester and fifteen credits at St. Cloud State University with at least a “C” average to be eligible to apply.
  • A student can be assessed only once for a particular course.

A student who has earned at least seventy-five semester credits may not earn credit by assessment of prior learning at the 100 or 200 level. The level of learning must be sufficient to justify awarding of credit at the 300 or 400 level.


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