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Cross-cultural collaboration

Confucius Institutes were established in 2004 through an initiative of the Ministry of Education in China. Currently, there are 97 Confucius Institutes in the US and over 475 globally in 187 countries around the world. The goal of Confucius Institutes is promote Chinese language and culture and an understanding of China globally. Confucius Institutes have the opportunity to establish their own priorities and strategic planning that varies from environmental focus to business partnerships.

The SCSU Confucius Institute is focused on the development and sustainability of Chinese Immersion programs in the state of MN and promoting new Chinese language programs around Central and out state MN. The SCSU Confucius Institute partner with National Hanban, the organization within the Ministry of Education that manages Confucius Institutes, on opportunities for community members, students, faculty and staff to learn about China, travel to China and learn Chinese. For more information on Confucius Institutes, please visit .

The Confucius Institute is also made possible through a partnership with the Jilin Province Department of Education in Changchun, China, and in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Education and the Ministry of Education in China.

For more information, email Kathy Johnson, Confucius Institute director and associate professor of special education.





如想了解更多,请联络 Kathy Johnson博士,孔子学院负责人和特殊教育副教授。


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