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Cross-cultural collaboration

Confucius Institutes were established in 2004 through an initiative of the Ministry of Education in China. There are 110 Confucius Institutes in the US and over 511 globally in 187 countries around the world.

The goal of Confucius Institutes is to promote Chinese language and culture and an understanding of China globally. Confucius Institutes have the opportunity to establish their own priorities and strategic planning that varies from environmental focus to business partnerships.

St. Cloud State's Confucius Institute (St. Cloud State CI)  is focused on:

1) research and development of Chinese Immersion programs in Minnesota
2) strengthening and expanding of Chinese as Exploratory and Second Language Programs in Minnesota
3) promoting cross-cultural understanding about China within the campus, community and K-12 partners
4) promoting U.S.-China relations through people to people exchange.

A second, unique aspect and focus of the St. Cloud State CI is the inclusion and engagement of people with disabilities in all areas of programming and development. This is inclusive of the promotion and development of the “U.S. China Network of Schools for the Deaf” project and our St. Cloud State CI China Disability Resource Page.

Also highlighting this work is the newest Confucius Classroom for the St. Cloud State CI at the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf that was approved in November of 2019. We are excited about this project moving forward!

The St. Cloud State Confucius Institute partners with National Hanban, the organization that manages Confucius Institutes globally, headquartered in Beijing, China. The St. Cloud State Confucius Institute also partners with the Jilin Province Department of Education and Jilin Hanban located in Changchun, China.

The Confucius Classroom Coordination Office (CCCO) is a newly established partnership with Capital Normal University in Beijing, China that assists with the Twin Cities Confucius Classroom Programs. The CCCO was established in the fall of 2019 to meet the needs of Confucius Classrooms in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

For more information, email Dr. Kathy Johnson, Confucius Institute director and professor within the Department of Special Education.



圣克劳德州立大学孔子学院(SCSU CI)工作重点:






圣克劳德州立大学孔子学院与国家汉办(National Hanban)合作,国家汉办管理全球的孔子学院,总部位于中国北京。圣克劳德州立大学孔子学院还与位于中国长春的吉林省教育厅和吉林汉办合作。孔子课堂协调办公室(CCCO)是与中国首都师范大学建立的新合作伙伴关系,协助明尼苏达州“双城”(明尼阿波利斯和圣保罗)范围内的孔子课堂项目。孔子课堂协调办公室成立于2019年秋季,旨在满足双城都会区孔子课堂的需求。



  • Education Abroad China 2018

    This video highlights our May 2018 Education Abroad Program participant, Jerrad Solberg, who is an undergraduate student with cerebral palsy.
  • April Chinese Poetry Project

    Students from K-12 Confucius Classrooms are invited to submit Chinese poetry readings by Chinese poets to celebrate April National Poetry Month.

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  • Professional Learning Community

    In Collaboration with the Confucius Institute of Western Kentucky "Professional LearningCommunity" and Americans with Disabilities Act: Perspectives on Disabilities in the USSpring 2020.

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