Community Garden

Planting potatoes

Planting Potatoes

About the Community Garden Project

The Community Garden is an outgrowth of Tracy Ore's "Politics of Food" course at St. Cloud State and her research on sustainable agriculture and community organizing.

St. Cloud State set aside land north of the Women's Center and dedicated funds for tools and other start-up needs.

Although the garden is connected to St. Cloud State, the garden builds bridges between the University and the larger community.

The Mission of the Community Garden

St. Cloud State staff, students and faculty, and St. Cloud community members, are creating a unified network to envision, plan, plant, tend and harvest food and flowers.

The Goals of the Garden

  • To create a beautiful green space for all to enjoy
  • To create connection between people and the land
  • To educate and expand knowledge about:
    • Sustainable agriculture
    • A variety of cultural foods and flowers
    • Gardening processes
    • Food preparation
    • Natural environments and organic practices
  • Community building
  • To share food and ideas
  • To provide access to land
  • To preserve land, culture and tradition