Center for Information Assurance Studies



The Center for Information Assurance Studies is an interdisciplinary effort between the Department of Information Systems in the Herberger Business School and the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology in the College of Science and Engineering. It provides a supportive learning environment, in which students are challenged to develop an in-depth knowledge in various domains of information assurance including: 

  • Computer forensics
  • Cryptography
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Database application security
  • Security policy implementation
  • Risk management


The Center for Information Assurance Studies facilitates cyber security research, education, and practice. The center assists in the creation of an interdisciplinary environment for research and study of issues related to information security and addresses major security and privacy issues from technical, business, legal and policy contexts.

CIAS equips students with a comprehensive understanding in the field of information assurance, both in theory and practice, helping to build a critical knowledge base for future leaders.

The center helped to develop an innovative graduate IA curriculum. Pursuit of these objectives is largely possible through partnerships with the federal government, businesses and other educational institutes. Together we expect improvement in the quality of IA training, research and education.

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