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The College of Health and Wellness Professions (CHWP) will consider proposals for funding activities through the Center for Health and Wellness Innovation (CHWI) that align with the Gracheck-Svela fund agreement. Categories for funding assistance include:

  1. Student Funding: Financial assistance provided to selected students who will provide direct mental health support as part of curriculum requirements for experiential learning (i.e., practicum, internship, service learning) or provide support services to or alongside professional staff who engage in direct provision of mental health services to students. Examples: CHWI Fellowship, graduate assistantship salary assistance, student stipends for programmatic work.
  2. Experiential Learning or Training Programs: Financial assistance for professional staff, faculty and students affiliated with CHWP and CHWI to attend and/or provide trainings, workshops or conferences on evidence-based best practices for student (and/or employee) mental health and wellness.
  3. Technology/Software, Clinical Aids, Educational Materials: Financial assistance for tools to assist students (and/or employees) with coping, grounding, emotional and cognitive regulation and other interventions in support of treatment for various mental health diagnoses, stress reduction, and/or preventative health and wellness.
  4. Marketing and Promotion: Financial assistance to support strategic campus initiatives and promote CHWI programs and services to support student (and/or employee) mental health and overall wellness.

Application process:

  1. Complete the Grachek-Svela Mental Health and Wellness Fund APPLICATION.
    1. If the applicant is not affiliated with the CHWI Team, they must identify a CHWI partner to carry the proposal forward. This member will describe the proposal and answer questions during a regular CHWI Team meeting (membership available on the CHWI webpage).
    2. CHWI Partner signature is required (if applicable).
  2. Applicant or identified CHWI partner uploads application to the Teams Folder for the Eastman Operations Group and notifies membership via email.
  3. Applications received by the first monthly CHWI team meeting will be placed on the agenda for discussion at the second monthly meeting. Applications received after the first monthly meeting will be reviewed the following month.
    1. In the event of extenuating circumstances, applications may be reviewed on an alternative schedule at the discretion of the CHWI Application Review team.

Please see application for full details and fund description. 

Do you have questions? Contact Angie Theisen or call (320) 308-4222.

Did you know if you are a student, faculty, or staff in the College of Health and Wellness Professions you can apply for Professional Development Funds?

The College of Health and Wellness Professions encourages projects and activities that will enhance School and/or Department initiatives and strategic goals through research, scholarship, and professional development.

Funding will be awarded to enrolled CHWP students, faculty, and staff applicants to offset expenses associated with activities such as attending professional conferences, presenting research, developing community action projects, etc. Priority consideration will be given to students who have not previously been granted funding from the Dean’s Office.

 Link for Professional Development Funds

Autism: Interprofessional Support for Families Presentation

According to a 2020 report from the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 1 in 54 children in the United States is currently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Autism affects people from all socioeconomic groups and ethnicities. We have invited a panel of faculty to discuss their expertise in the research, treatment and advocacy related to autism. We will provide information about current and future initiatives at St. Cloud State University and in the broader community to support families, as well as relevant educational and career paths to support people with autism and their families.

Please watch the presentation to find out more about current and future initiatives at St. Cloud State University.