Community Anti-Racism Education Initiative (C.A.R.E.)

About C.A.R.E.



Our mission is to build a lasting anti-racist university and community.

To enhance campus/community climate and promote equal opportunity by:

  1. Examining and critiquing the unequal distribution of power and privilege along racial lines in the university and community. 
  2. Building and sustaining a culturally respectful educational system.
  3. Building and sustaining a culturally respectful living and working environment that respects and values the richness of every group within an anti-racist community.
  4. Advancing multicultural understanding and competence and
  5. Provide training and strategies to confront ethnic/racial prejudice and discrimination as well as institutional racism.
  6. Dismantling institutional racism to make the University and other organizations in the greater community multicultural and anti-racist.
  7. Addressing racial discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes and racism.
  8. Addressing inequalities between the majority population and populations of color.
  9. Promoting a welcoming environment for all races.

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