Department of Campus Involvement

Student Legal Services Program

Location: Atwood Memorial Center 134

Phone: 320-308-2205


Do you have a legal problem?

The Student Legal Services Program can help.  This program started over 8 years ago and is funded by student fees allocated through the Senate Finance Committee, a part of Student Government.  The Department of Campus Involvement administers the program.

While you can see the attorney for any legal problem that does not involve St. Cloud State University, the program focuses on legal matters most relevant to students.  These include the following:

  • Housing Issues:  leases, subleases, security deposits, rent, habitability
  • Criminal Offenses: misdemeanors, traffic offenses, alcohol-related offences, disorderly conduct , felonies
  • Consumer Law:  credit card and other debts, abuse by collection agencies, insurance coverage or denial of coverage, bankruptcy, identity theft
  • Immigration: visa, employment, citizenship, deportation
  • Veteran’s Issues: veteran’s benefits, military duty and leave issues
  • Intellectual Property: copyrights, trademarks, patents
  • Discrimination and/or Harassment: arising in various contexts
  • Employment Law:  wage and benefit disputes, injuries at work, wrongful termination
  • Domestic Issues:  divorce, child custody, restraining orders, paternity, guardianships, wills, inheritance
  • Torts: personal injuries such as car accidents, defamation, assault
  • Concilliation (Small Claims) Court Matters:  how to use small claims court

Description of Services:

Initial Consultation:

The attorney will meet with you in a FREE initial consultation to assess your situation, make suggestions about how to proceed, and discuss whether you need to retain legal counsel.  The attorney can provide you with guidance, but NOT continuing representation.  You should not expect the attorney to represent you beyond the consultation visit.

Follow-up Action:

Under certain circumstances, the attorney may be able to take limited follow-up action on your behalf.  This action might include writing a letter to your landlord or researching your legal issue.  Because funds for the program are limited and demand for services is high, the attorney must limit follow-up time.  The attorney may give priority to matters affecting a number of students, such as a dispute with a landlord who has many student tenants. The attorney is not allowed to file lawsuits or defend against them in court.

Hiring the Attorney on Your Own:

The Student Legal Services Attorney works on a part-time basis.  This means you may separately retain the attorney outside of the program if they are willing to accept you as a client.  You are under no obligation to use or retain this attorney as your counsel, and they are under no obligation to accept you as a client. The Student Legal Services Program will provide you with a list of other qualified counsel in the St. Cloud area.

No Legal Services for Matters Concerning the University:

The attorney is strictly prohibited from offering information or advice on any matters concerning St. Cloud State University and its administration, faculty, and staff.  The Student Legal Services Program will refer you to the appropriate administrative office to address your concern.

How to sign up to see the Attorney:

You can schedule one consultation per semester.  You must sign up in advance and IN PERSON at the Department of Campus Involvement Front Desk in Atwood Room 134.  Students must be a registered St. Cloud State Student, show a St. Cloud State ID, and complete an intake form in order to schedule a 30-minute appointment.  Do NOT call the attorney directly to make an appointment. 

You must keep your appointment.  If you are late, or fail to cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment, you will forfeit your opportunity to use the Student Legal Services Program for the semester.

Services will be provided on a first-come, first served basis until program funds are exhausted. The attorney is strictly prohibited from offering information or advice on any matters concerning St. Cloud State University and its administration, faculty, and staff.

How to Prepare for your Appointment with the Attorney:

IMPORTANT!  You must bring to your appointment any documents that are relevant to your situation or that will help the attorney to understand your situation.  Some examples of documents to bring include:  Lease, Misdemeanor citation, etc.  You should be fully prepared with names, dates, and other pertinent information.  The initial consultation is your best chance to explain the situation that caused you to seek legal services.  You should be professional in your dealings with the attorney and make the best use of their time.