What Is Assessment?

What is Assessment? Assessment is the systematic collection of evidence about student learning in order to improve that learning.

The Office of Assessment and Accreditation at St. Cloud State University supports continuous improvement of student learning at the course-, program-, and university-level.

We provide information, workshops, and consulting services to assist programs in their efforts to meet the learning goals they have set for their students. We coordinate the Assessment Steering Committee, Co-curricular assessment, Liberal Education Assessment, and work with the Our Husky Compact Oversight Committee on institutional assessment.

Feedback loop graphic

Assessment Timeline

Date/Time Milestone
August Assessment measure in place
October/November Assessment results discussed by programs
Late November Fall Assessment Days
December Collect Fall data
December 15 Program report due
January Institutional report published
April/May Collect Spring data
May Findings and analysis work, planning for next year

Program Report Schedule

December 15, 2024 AY 2023 (Fall 2023 and Spring 2024)
December 15, 2025 AY 2024 (Fall 2024 and Spring 2025)
December 15, 2026 AY 2025 (Fall 2025 and Spring 2026)
December 15, 2027 AY 2026 (Fall 2026 and Spring 2027)