Antiracism Institute

Antiracism Institute for Teaching and Research

Introducing the Antiracism Institute

The Antiracism Institute for Teaching and Research (Antiracism Institute) is a faculty-led initiative that supports antiracist projects to challenge racism on individual and institutional levels and contribute to systemic change at St. Cloud State University and in higher education across the country. In addition, the Antiracism Institute works collaboratively with the Minnesota State System initiatives and other higher education and K-12 institutions in Minnesota and across the country to promote antiracist work.

St. Cloud State is prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the It’s Time framework. The creation of the Antiracism Institute demonstrates St. Cloud State’s commitment to invest in new and innovative antiracist projects intentionally designed to adapt to changing contexts and counter the ever-evolving manifestations of racism. Faculty involved in the Antiracism Institute facilitate conversations and projects so that antiracism is integrated throughout the institution and its policies and practices. The Antiracism Institute collaborates with the campus and broader community to generate projects that can lead to racial equity for St. Cloud State, other educational entities, and the broader community.

Getting Involved

The Antiracism Institute, while faculty-led, will collaborate with students, staff, faculty, administrators and broader community who are committed to engaging in antiracist teaching, learning, research and social change.



Staff and administrators

Broader community (Academic partners and community-based collaborations)

Next Steps

Vision and Mission

The Antiracism Institute for Teaching and Research vision and mission described.


Explore how the Antiracism Institute for Teaching and Research supports antiracist projects throughout St. Cloud State Univeristy and into the community.

Getting Involved

Tell us what you are doing to promote antiracism and how you would like to get involved with the Antiracism Institute.

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