StarID: March 7, 2014
The MnSCU system office has engaged in a project to provide a system-wide username and password, called StarID.  At St. Cloud State University, the intention of StarID is to replace the SCSU ID/Tech ID and HuskyNetID as a login username.


  • Reduce the number of usernames and passwords users must maintain and remember for SCSU and MnSCU systems and services. This should enhance security, reduce complexity and confusion.
  • Provide enriched and user-focused services and ensure new and existing students, faculty, and staff are able to access SCSU and MnSCU resources with ease. 
  • Ensure students, faculty, and staff who participate at multiple MnSCU institutions will be able to use a common username and password.

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Activate your StarID

In order to access St. Cloud State University Online Services, all students, faculty and staff must activate their StarID.

To activate your StarID you will need:
Your TechID or the personal email address that you provided to St. Cloud State.

Quick facts

  • Activate: Use the StarID Self Service site to activate your StarID, reset your StarID password, retrieve a forgotten StarID, and access other account maintenance tools.
    NOTE: The activation portion of the MnSCU StarID site DOES NOT WORK with Internet Explorer 11. We recommend using Internet Explorer 10 (or earlier), Firefox or Safari when activating your StarID.
  • StarID: A StarID will contain 2 letters, 4 numbers, and 2 more letters (e.g. “ab1234cd” or “qm8762bg”).
  • Email: Current faculty and staff email addresses will not be changing.
  • TechID and HuskyNetID will no longer be used as a username (you will be using your StarID). TechID will still exist as an identification number within system records.

Additional Support

More StarID information and support can be found here:

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact  HuskyTech ( or 320-308-7000).