Graduate Certificate

Autism Certificate

The purpose of the Autism Certificate Program is to provide advanced, specialized training for individuals who work with K-12 pupils with autism spectrum disorders. Undergraduate or graduate licensure is required in special education, speech-language pathology, behavior analysis, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or related areas.Although this program does not lead to licensure, it enhances the knowledge and skills of graduate students who are employed in public school and clinical settings.

Most students with professional licensure in the aforementioned areas have already met the requirements for the two courses that are prerequisites to the three core courses in the Autism Certificate Program. The program consists of two prerequisite courses and three core courses, for a total of 15 credits. Prerequisite courses include SPED 503 Special Education Foundations (or graduate/undergraduate equivalent) and SPED 505 Behavior Theories and Practices (or graduate/undergraduate equivalent). Core courses include SPED 623 (Learning Environments for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders), CSD 624 (Language/Communication Assessment and Interventions), and CPSY 625 (Behavior/Social Skills Assessment and Interventions).

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