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Fall 2013 Statewide Survey

Our Fall 2013 SCSU Survey of Minnesota adults was just completed! Results will soon be available. Results from previous surveys are available on our past studies page.

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The SCSU Survey is an ongoing survey research center of St. Cloud State University.  The SCSU Survey performs its research in the form of telephone interviews. Telephone surveys are but one of the many types of research employed by researchers to collect data randomly. The telephone survey is now the instrument of choice for a growing number of researchers. Soon the survey will incorporate state of the art web surveys that can be combined with a telephone survey.


Steve Frank
office: B-51 302 phone: 308-4131
Steven Wagner
office: B-51 304 phone: 308-5423
David Robinson
office: ECC 237 phone: 308-2149
Sandrine Zerbib
office: SH 266 phone: 308-3046
John Kulas
office: WH 303 phone: 308-3234

Ann Finan

Office: SH 262 phone: 308-1694

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