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Getting started with the St. Cloud State University Link Shortening service.

Q: When should I use the Husky URL shortening tool?

A: The Husky URL shortener provides the service of shortening URLs while maintaining the University’s branding via the vanity URL We recommend using the Husky URL shortener when you need a shortened URL for university-related content that will be used in publications where space is an issue or in materials where a URL may need to be retyped by users. It should also be used for posting to Twitter and other social networks where space is at a premium and when generating QR codes.

Q: To whom is this service available?

A: Anyone who shortens a link from or websites using the Husky URL shortener will receive a shortened URL that begins with Only faculty, staff and students with a valid StarID and password will be able to use the tool to shorten URLs from non-university sites (e.g.,,,

Note: If using the Husky URL shortener to generate URLs for non-university sites, URLs still need to serve a University use such as class materials or University videos on for example. Misuse of the Husky URL shortener and its branded URLs for non-university content will not be tolerated.

Q: How long are URLs active?

A: These shortened URLs never expire.

Q: Can I choose what the URL will be shortened to following

A: At this time, the system does not support custom URL shortening. Shortened URLs are generated using URL shortening service.

Q: Is there an API available?

A: Yes, the Husky URL shortener was created using the University’s account, which has an API that allows you to use third party software such as Tweet Deck to utilize the branded URL for shortening links. For information about using API functionality, contact Adam Hammer at