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Student Organizations and Activities

Environmental and Technological Studies (ETS) Club

The ETS Club is a recognized St. Cloud State University student organization involving the four majors of the Department of Environmental and Technological Studies. The mission of the ETS Club is to promote technological literacy and environmental awareness in the community and educational institutions through networking with professionals, interacting with youth, and enhancing our professional development. The organization is involved in a variety of events including the annual Technology in Action Student Challenge for high school and middle school students. Email us for more information.

Environmental Studies Student Research Group

The Environmental Studies Student Research Group is a small but intense research group for undergraduate students interested in the field of environmental studies. The goals of the Environmental Studies Student Research Group are to give students opportunities to: 1) gain valuable research experience in the field and the laboratory, 2) apply theories and techniques learned in the classroom to meaningful research problems, and 3) develop professional and scholarly networks.

Mentorships and Internships


The mentorship program is designed for future environmental and technology professionals and technology educators to work with a department faculty member to develop a better understanding of the teaching and instruction process. Each situation will be unique and outcomes will vary depending upon the student and faculty interests and the course in which the student is involved.


Internships offered through the Department Environmental and Technology Studies at St. Cloud State University provide graduate and undergraduate majors with an outstanding occupational experience that involves a variety of activities under close supervision and instruction by supervisors from the industry or service organization and the university.

Scholarships and Awards

Raymond Larson Leadership Award

The Raymond Larson Leadership Award honors those Environmental and Technological Studies majors who have shown strong evidence of leadership throughout their college experience.

Lewis R. Royer Award for Quality/Excellence

The Lewis R. Royer Award honors those Environmental and Technological Studies majors and minors who have best exemplified the traits of quality and excellence in their work.

Bauerly Brothers Scholarship

The Bauerly Brothers Scholarship in Construction Technology provides scholarships for Technology Management majors in the Department of Environmental and Technological Studies. The scholarship is to encourage students to pursue a career in highway heavy construction.

Scholarship Announcement

Scholarship Application

Jackie Hanson Scholarship

The Jackie Hanson Environmental Studies Scholarship honors one or more students who have shown strong evidence of being environmentally active throughout their college experience.

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