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The Master of Science degree in Technology Education is designed to provide students with a sound philosophy and contemporary teaching strategies for the teaching of technology. Graduate students in Technology Education now may choose to complete their Master of Science degree with either a thesis or a professional portfolio.

Program Highlights

  • Portfolio and Thesis Options
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Convenient
  • Day and Evening Classes
  • Summer Workshops
  • Online Classes

Program Options

The Master of Science degree in Technology Education may be completed using either the thesis option (30 credits) or portfolio option (36 credits). Graduate students may also specialize their degree by selecting an area of emphasis and a track of study which best suits their goals.

Departmental Graduate Courses

A variety of graduate courses is also available in the Department of Environmental and Technological Studies. Some of these courses are offered online.

ETS Graduate Program Handbook

The Department of Environmental and Technological Studies Graduate Student Handbook is a guide for graduate students, advisors and graduate committee members within the ETS graduate program. It gives an overview of general information, requirements, procedures and expectations.

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