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National Associaltion of Industrial Technolgy Accredidation

The Technology Management degree within the Department of Environmental and Technological Studies is nationally accredited by the National Association of Industrial Technology (NAIT). This accreditation means that the Technology Management program has developed its curriculum around 53 national standards. These national standards have been developed and approved by a national committee within NAIT. It also means that the program not only meets national standards, but student graduating from this program have specific skills and a strong and accepted knowledge base about the field of industrial technology. This becomes important to the students especially when they are seeking a position.

Businesses and industries like the idea that potential employees have met certain national standards in the field of industrial technology. Such accreditation also validates both the students and the program in terms of the knowledge base being taught within the curriculum. Because of the quality and design of the 53 standards, the Technology Management program continues to be assessed and evaluated by advisory groups, which in turn, keeps the program up-to-date, contemporary, and vibrant.


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