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Undergraduate Catalog: Chemistry

Bachelor of Science - ACS Approved

Bachelor of Science


Pre-Professional Program--Pharmacy

St. Cloud State's Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers several Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree programs in Chemistry.

The B.S. Chemistry degree offers four emphases that are approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and serves as an entryway to a career as a chemist in chemical manufacturing, electronics, textiles, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, plastics, agriculture, and food industries.

The B.S. Chemistry degree is an excellent foundation for graduate studies should you decide to continue your education to earn an M.S. or Ph.D. degree or professional schools (medical, dental, pharmacy, etc.).

The B.S. Chemistry degree emphasizes the technical and communication skills needed for a professional career in chemistry and features a year-long undergraduate research project culminating in a senior thesis and seminar presentation.

The B.S. Biochemistry degree is an excellent pre-professional curriculum for medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and dentistry as well as graduate studies in biochemistry and related fields.

The B.S. Biochemistry degree culminates with a senior thesis and seminar presentation.

St. Cloud State offers two B.S. degrees in Science Teaching that are approved by the Minnesota Board of Teaching and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). These programs provide the background required by State of Minnesota science-content and science-education licensure standards for science teachers in grades 5-8 and chemistry teachers grades 9-12. All students interested in science teaching must complete both the 5-8 science teaching core and a 9-12 science content emphasis. MATH 211 should be taken instead of MATH 193 in the General Education core. Students considering this major are encouraged to contact the science education adviser in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the earliest opportunity.  In addition to your science courses, all teaching licensure candidates must complete professional education courses, offered through the School of Education, as well as the Liberal Education Program. Please contact your adviser for a complete listing of all required courses.

Capstone Experience

Chemistry majors at SCSU are required to complete CHEM 391 (Chemical Information) and CHEM 491 (Senior Thesis) as a graduation requirement. This satisfies the university’s upper division writing requirement. 

Additionally, all ACS-certified chemistry majors are required to complete a research experience (2 semesters of CHEM 489, Undergraduate Research or CHEM 444 Internship).

B.S. Biochemistry majors are encouraged to include CHEM 489 or CHEM 444 in their capstone experience.

The department continually assesses our courses and programs to better meet the needs of students. Since assessment is an ongoing process, changes will be made in the future. Students should contact an advisor for the most current information.

It is very important that you make contact with a member of the chemistry faculty the first semester you enroll in the courses that are part of the programs listed. The programs require careful planning to ensure you take courses in a timely fashion and have the correct prerequisites needed to graduate in a timely fashion.


  • When an undergraduate student lists chemistry as their intended major, they will be assigned an advisor in chemistry.
  • The department encourages students to meet with a chemistry faculty member before they declare a major. The faculty advisor works with the student to make sure that they are completing the required courses within the chemistry major as well as assisting them with the selection of elective courses.

Advisors by Emphasis

B.S. Majors and Minors

Mike Dvorak Wick Science Bldg– Room 351
Michael Jeannot Wick Science Bldg– Room 366
Mark Mechelke Wick Science Bldg– Room 370
Latha Ramakrishnan Wick Science Bldg– Room 373
Kannan Sivaprakasam Wick Science Bldg– Room 350

B.S. Science Teaching - Chemistry Emphasis

Becky Krystyniak Education Bldg– Room A-232-A
Sarah Petitto Wick Science Bldg– Room 371

Forensic Science Minor

Lakshmaiah Sreerama


Latha Ramakrishnan Wick Science Bldg– Room 373
Nathan Winter Wick Science Bldg– Room 338
Marina Cetkovic Wick Science Bldg– Room 368
Oladele Gazal Wick Science Bldg– Room 227
Timothy Schuh Wick Science Bldg– Room 224
Maureen Tubbiola Wick Science Bldg– Room 226


Tammy Leenay Wick Science Bldg– Room 363
Mark Mechelke Wick Science Bldg– Room 370

Transfer Students

Michael Jeannot Wick Science Bldg– Room 366
Lakshmaiah Sreerama
Nathan Winter Wick Science Bldg– Room 338


Internship Coordinator

Thomas Gardner Wick Science Bldg– Room 365



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