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Writing Center experience expands the theoretical and the practical repertoire of future teachers and writers. Many of our coaches major in other subjects than Writing, Literature, and English, and they have found that their training working as coaches has given them an advantage in the job market. The interaction with a diverse group of writers broadens the understanding of the writing processes and of writing as a way of learning. It deepens the understanding and respect for students as unique individuals and their work.

Aspiring writers find opportunities for extensive focus on and discussion of writing and our workers often report great improvement in their own writing during their Write Place employment.

Our writing coaches also find opportunities to practice professional activities such as public speaking, editing and writing for publication and work on Kaleidoscope (a multicultural literary arts magazine) and Praxis (the Write Place newsletter). Many coaches travel to regional or national conferences to present papers and workshops on writing center work, develop their sense of the scholarly activities and add to their professional resumes.

Interested students should contact Director Tim Fountaine.

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